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For years, UNI-MED has created high-quality educational and informative media for clinicians and practitioners. These include monographs, check lists, and brochures. 
The UNI-MED SCIENCE series excels in offering practitioners competent guidelines both for diagnostics and therapy. All books are considered reference publications in their respective fields. 
The books are 100 to 150 pages long. This allows an extensive but compact presentation of information. 
Our monographs are designed to be extremely representative: Hard covered, printed using four coloured printing, and instructive illustrations are just some of the features of this product line. 
Hundreds of books have been published in the UNI-MED SCIENCE series covering a wide range of topics, which is just another proof for its outstanding success. 
Our publications are distributed in all German-speaking countries and are also available in many languages worldwide. 
The series has a high circulation and is retailed via scientific symposia and book shops. 
To sum it up, UNI-MED SCIENCE delivers uncompromising scientific literature of the highest quality by using competent authors, up to date material, an attractive book design, and short times of book production, or, in a word: excellence.