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State-of-the-art Treatment of Heart Failure

Prof. Dr. Dietrich Strödter and Dr. Frans Santosa
UNI-MED Science, 1st edition 2016, 318 pp, 561 illustrations, Hardcover, ISBN 978-3-8374-1520-9

Erscheinungsjahr: 2017
Seiten: 318
ISBN: 978-3-8374-1520-9

EUR 39,80

Heart failure is a syndrome with various aetiologies and a poor prognosis. New pathophysiological findings have led to treatment strategies with improved prognosis. For want of a causal treatment option the focus lies on drug strategies. In addition, surgical or other procedures come into consideration. All these treatment strategies are presented in detail, analysed and evaluated with reference to the pathophysiology and study data. An assessment is also made regarding the European (ESC) and US guidelines (ACC/AHA) on completion of each chapter topic. This emphasises the level of evidence for each recommended therapy. Such recommendations are important because a guideline-oriented treatment strategy improves the prognosis in heart failure! The authors have approached this sophisticated subject in a structured, vivid and richly illustrated form, where even the latest study data are taken into account. Thus, this book is a highly topical and practical treatment guideline for doctors practicing Cardiology.