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Coupons - Information & Service

What is an eBook voucher?

You may purchase one or any number of vouchers for all the books marked with the “eBook" option. These allow you to acquire a corresponding number of eBook files with content identical to the print edition.


How does the eBook voucher work?

If you use this function, you will receive an email with an individual code for each voucher you purchased. Each code can be redeemed accordingly by choosing our "redeem voucher" service. These codes may be passed on to third parties as desired, to whom the "redeem voucher" service is then also available. Each voucher code is valid for one year after being issued.


How can the eBook voucher be redeemed and what do I get for it?

The publisher will send the code(s) to the email address specified in your order. Upon receipt of these codes they can immediately be applied using our "redeem voucher" service. The user will immediately receive an eBook file corresponding with the order, sent to the email address specified when redeeming. For details on the right of use of your eBook file, please refer to our terms and conditions, paragraph 7 “Electronic publications”.